In-Car Video Recorder

In-Car Video Recorder (ICVR) set out to revolutionize the in-car DVR market. The days of purchasing from a single source are gone. Customers like choices and it is the intention of VisioLogix to empowering customers by proving more choices. Business and government agencies such as law enforcements, municipalities, schools and cities face a range of complex challenges related to their use of information technology resources for the purpose of surveillance, asset tracking and system control functions in a centralized solution.

Problems related to usability issues resulting from poor interface design, fragmented functionality and unwieldy navigation persist in piece meal systems. As a result productivity and operational efficiency are greatly reduced and in some cases completely fail.

Mobile DVR units currently available are hardened PC based systems running on proprietary Linux® or Windows® operating systems. Since these systems are proprietary they generally do not meet with the COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) standards established by the Department of Homeland Security.

Transportation companies, law enforcements and school districts should demand systems that comply with the COTS standards as a means of reducing costs. Why pay extra for the same hard drive that can be purchased online at the fraction of the cost.

A vehicle based device should be able to do more than just record video. While remaining COTS compliant the unit can provide extended functions such as wireless communications, provide live GPS and video and give the vehicle operator a means to alert their dispatch in the event of an accident or unforeseen critical situation so the appropriate response can be provided.

The on board device must be unobtrusive giving the driver just enough to communicate while allowing them to concentrate on driving safely without distractions.

Video from all the vehicle cameras is recorded and stored on the local vehicle unit. The device automates the task of downloading the video to the central video storage as soon as the vehicle is near enough to the facility. Using software intelligence, the system device can select the optimum method of transfer to the video storage, be it WiFi, 4G/3D or Gigabit Ethernet. This process of recording and storing video eliminates the need to remove hard drives and perform tedious searches for video events.

To integrate the various features of vehicle tracking, alert monitoring, video storage and review, a centralized management system is needed. A non-web based solution provides a secure cohesive integrated means of tracking vehicles, accessing cameras in a live view, monitoring alerts and providing a secure and safe environment to operate a vehicle fleet.

But monitoring and accessing video is only a small part of this type of system. The application must operate as a central management component.

The comprehensive application must be able to perform basic functions such as managing vehicles, assigning cameras to the vehicle, manage user accounts and performing a vast number of other tasks necessary to maintain the company assets. VisioLogix firmly believes that customers searching for a video surveillance solution should focus on the management aspects of the problem more than the hardware.

Without a good cohesive management solution the hardware side is essentially a collection of individual parts that may not want to work together and can get out of hand very quickly. The In-car Mobile DVR market is a good example of this problem. There are many in-car DVRs on the market that satisfy most security requirements but unfortunately the majority requires a standalone management solution (meaning they are managed from the console).

While this is controllable for a small number of systems, imagine the problems associated with several thousand units. It becomes clear that a single centralized scalable solution is needed to reduce the effort to a manageable level.


VisioLogix defines a In-Car Video Recorder (ICVR) as more than just a recorder for cameras, it must allow more functionality, run efficiently, and be easy to manage and offer expandability with an easy upgrade path.

ICVR, provides a multipurpose, low maintenance and low cost, in-car DVR for law enforcement and mass transit market. VisioLogix partner with different hardware manufacturers to provide more choices for our customers.

If any hardware fails, you can replaced it with a different manufacture without ever having to replace the software. ICVR in-car unit (ICU) is fully managed by our easy to use backend management system with all data upload to our evidence management system, EMS Enterprise code name Hydra.

Start with an analog system and move to a HD IP solution at a later time or upgrade your exiting DVR unit to ICVR in-car unit but still use your existing camera. Once the camera fails, move up to an IP solution without having to “rip out and replace” the entire system. Why purchase a system that will be obsolete when new cameras are available in the market.

The list outlines all features of ICVR including management features

Automated intelligent wireless transfer

  • Never worry about if the important video is still in the vehicle. Our transfer service will recognize the different technologies within your network and will transfer all data to the backend management without any user intervention.
  • Whether it is 4G/3G, WiFi, or Ethernet, the transfer service will test each communication to verify if bandwidth is available and the transfer does not interfere with the important of viewing live videos when there’s an alert.
  • Intelligently handles all communications allowing for live tracking of vehicle and live view of dash camera. All changes to 4G/3G service providers IP address is handled by ImDVR™ so you never have to deal with the changes to the random IP addresses assigned by the providers.

Encrypted transfer data files

  • All transfer between the ImDVR™ unit to the backend management are secure via SSL.

User define/configurable Digital I/O and Accelerometer settings

  • ICVR provides a simple easy way to configure each Input/Output (I/O) port with a description for each I/O that anyone can recognize.
    With a recognize description, the Operators can now easily identify the specific I/O that has triggered an alert. With a software configurable I/O, it will make changing each port easier because you can change an input to an output without having to visit each vehicle to make the change.
  • For example, he Light bar is configured as an INPUT so if the Officer turns on the lightbar, ICVR would automatically start recording and turn on the siren.
  • The Administrator decides to automate some of the process by providing a PURSUIT SILENT button on the MDT/MDC. If the Officer selects the PERSUIT SILENT button, ICVR will turn on the lightbar and record.
Integrated hardware compression card support SD & HD-SDI
  • ICVR supports analog adapters that provide SD and HD-SDI interface. Supporting analog cameras allows customers with existing analog cameras to gradually upgrade to new cameras without burdening the budget.
Track vehicle map location
  • Live tracking is standard with ICVR. The Operators can select and view any vehicles on different map technologies (OpenStreetMap, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).
Record video and audio with GPS location
  • All recording has built in GPS information. Playback of video will also show where the video/audio was captured on the map. Coupled with VisioLogix Body Worn Cameras (BWC), Officers can now incorporate both chase incidents from the in-car cameras as well as the BWC.
    • In-car cameras
    • Body cameras (optional purchase)
Monitoring with action
  • ICVR provides intelligent monitoring with actions. ICVR incorporates VisioLogix proven device management service (DMS) monitoring critical devices and takes appropriate action when the devices are not operating normally.
    For example a camera is on but not streaming videos, DMS test and verifies images from the stream. If the images are not normal, DMS issue a restart of the camera. Once the camera is rebooted, DMS test it again. If the camera still continue to have problems, DMS will send notices to the Operators for further action.

    • Storage capacity
    • Accessories – functioning or not?
      • Cameras, GPS, GPIO, Accelerometer
      • Files left to transfer

Multiple service alerts

  • The more you know, the better you’re informed. DMS monitors not only devices failures but also system and application. DMS will alert if disk space is low or issue with data transfer.
    • Monitor disk space info
    • Upload transfer interruption

Metadata options

  • ICVR allows Administrators to set alert base on metadata received or from I/O settings. Our goal is to make it easy for the Administrators to receive information that is deemed necessary to further enhanced Officer’s safety.
  • Set metadata alert capability
    • GPIO
    • GPS & Accelerometer

ICVR Management

  • ICVR Management is for Operators or Dispatch personnel. ICVR Management provide a simple to use software interface for monitoring and tracking vehicles in the field. ICVR Manament can be launched from a standard desktop or be customized to launch from 3rd party computer aided dispatch/record management systems (CAD/RMS). ICVR Management also integrate with VisioLogix EMS Enterprise (Hydra) for data upload and media review.  See Hydra for more information.
  • Every time an Officer stops a vehicle, it could mean a life and death situation. ICVR Management can be configured by the Administrator to notify and display the front dash camera automatically on the Operators screen. If an incident occurs, the Operator can reactive accordingly.
  • Monitoring and tracking of vehicles in real-time
  • Live view of vehicle cameras
  • Accept alerts from each vehicle
    • Light bar
    • Gun rack
    • Other GPIO define triggers
  • Monitor clusters of fixed cameras
  • Receive “hit” alerts from LPR cameras
  • Trace vehicle route history
  • Geo-fencing monitor and alerts
  • Push route directions to vehicles in the field
  • Review vehicle historical routes
ICVR Models8C 1080P Kit4C 720P Kit
Vehicle TypePolice CruiserPolice Cruiser
Camera TypeHD MegapixelHD Megapixel
Storage500GB SSD500GB SSD
Ethernet Ports(1) Gigabit Ethernet(1) Gigabit Ethernet
Isolated DIO12 Ch. Input 3 Ch. Output8 Ch. Input 2 Ch. Output
Serial Ports(1) RS-232 (1) RS-485(1) RS-232 (1) RS-485
WirelessWiFi Dual Band 802.11abgnWiFi Dual Band 802.11abgn
Cellular4G/3G - Require SIM4G/3G - Require SIM
Power8~35V DC Input8~35V DC Input
Dimension (L x W x H)9.3" x 7.5" x 3.2"
235 x 190 x 80 mm
9.3" x 7.5" x 3.2"
235 x 190 x 80 mm
Weight15 lbs / 5 kg15 lbs / 5 kg
Available MountsVehicle, DIN-Rail, WallVehicle, DIN-Rail, Wall
Operating Temperature -25° to 60°C with Air Flow -25° to 60°C with Air Flow
Vibration5Grms, 5-500Hz 3-Axis
5Grms, 5-500Hz 3-Axis
Shock50 Grms, Half-sine 11ms Duration
50 Grms, Half-sine 11ms Duration
CertificationE-Mark for vehicle applications
CE/FCC Class A, EN 55022 & 55024
E-Mark for vehicle applications
CE/FCC Class A, EN 55022 & 55024
Front Camera ICDVR FV CamICDVR FV Cam
Resolution / FPS720P / 30fps720P / 30fps
Lens27x (20X,30X) zoom lens (3.9-105.3mm)27x (20X,30X) zoom lens (3.9-105.3mm),
Operating Temperature -5° to 60°C with Air Flow -5° to 60°C with Air Flow
Storage Temperature -20° to 60°C -20° to 60°C
Dimension (L x W x H)4.2" x 2.4" x 2.3"
106 x 60 x 58 mm
4.2" x 2.4" x 2.3"
106 x 60 x 58 mm
Weight~1.5 lbs / .7 kg~1.5 lbs / .7 kg
Resolution / FPS720P / 30fps720P / 30fps
LensFixed, F2.0, f=2.5mm Fixed, F2.0, f=2.5mm
IRD&N IR Cut FilterD&N IR Cut Filter
Operating Temperature-20° to 55°C with Air Flow -20° to 55°C with Air Flow
Storage Temperature-20° to 55°C -20° to 55°C
Dimension2.3" x 2.1"
59(D) x52(H) mm
2.3" x 2.1"
59(D) x52(H) mm
Weight284 g284 g
Side View CameraICDVR SV CamICDVR SV Cam
IRD&N IR Cut FilterD&N IR Cut Filter
Operating Temperature-20° to 55°C with Air Flow-20° to 55°C with Air Flow
Dimension (L x W x H)3.4" x 3.0" x 2.5"
89 x 77 x 63 mm
3.4" x 3.0" x 2.5"
89 x 77 x 63 mm
Weight~5.7 oz / 162 kg~5.7 oz / 162 kg

Forever Grateful

We appreciate our valued customers for their feedback and comments as it is used to improve our product and services. We are forever grateful for their reviews, good or bad, and will be posting them here.

“In June of 2017, I began the process of evaluating new body worn cameras for my agency after encountering customer service issues with the company we previously used. It is at this time that I began to speak with Jay Shah at Visiologix concerning their new body worn cameras and C3 Sentinel client software. My department conducted testing of their product for several months, and ultimately we chose Visiologix to become our new body worn camera provider. After receiving our new equipment, Jay assisted me in getting all of it set up even though he had to go out of the country on personal business. Jay is someone that I have contacted at all hours of the day and night, and he has been very responsive to the needs of my agency. I have also worked with Hanh Dang in the installation of our new docking station, and he was instrumental in getting that equipment tied into our C3 Sentinel program with no issues to date. We have been using Visiologix’s body worn cameras for several months with only minor issues that have come up. The issues that we have had have been rectified in a timely manner with minimal downtown for our equipment.”

Lt. Patrick N. Fortenberry – Greer Police Department

“I just want to express my gratitude for assisting us in our transition from our old body cam system to Visiologix. The Visiologix products are easy to operate, efficient, and provide quality video/audio. The customer service you provided during the switch was outstanding; and remains so since our switch. Thank you again for you continued help.”

Captain Brent McCain, Paragoud Police Department

“I would like to take this opportunity to express how please we are with the HD Protech (VisioLogix) IT Support Staff. During the last three years we have been with them, Jay & Hanh have been simply amazing. They are polite, professional & precise at all times. Even during Hurricane Harvey Jay remained dedicated to handling our complaints and accommodated our concerns from his residence, which I believe he was trapped in for at least week. As for the C3 Sentinel Software, it couldn’t be more user friendly and easy to navigate even for the most technologically challenged individuals like myself. Keep up the good work!”

Captain Kevin S. Nastasi, Greenwich Township Police Department

“In our industry, quality is paramount. Whether speaking to equipment or customer service, the professionals at Visiologix have far exceeded our expectations in every way. Their technical service team is second to none and continue to provide expedient customer service and comprehensive solutions for our every need; be it software or hardware. We are very pleased with their commitment to excellence and look forward to a successful partnership in the coming years with Visiologix.”

Lt. Travis Engler – Criminal Investigations Division, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

“The VisioLogix camera is ideal for our department application. The audio and video quality is great! The camera covers more area then cameras we’ve had in the past and the audio is nice and clear. The night vision option was another reason we purchased these cameras. The software is user friendly, easy to use and automatically purges accidental recording and recordings that have no relevance that saves on storage space where we know that storing video evidence is an issue.

I must say the tech support is the best I’ve ever had to deal with. Jay is always there when I need him and he periodically checks up on my department to make sure everything is running good with our cameras. Now days this does not happen with vendors.”

Sergeant Brad McNeill – Parke County Sheriff’s Office

“We have tried other camera systems in the past but the Visiologix CITE M1G3 camera is a cut well above the rest. The video and audio on recordings are crystal clear. The ease of use, tremendous battery life, GPS function and night vision are the best we’ve dealt with. They’re built tough but are easy to use. Downloading and managing files is a snap. When used with the C3 Sentinel management system we’ve got a well-functioning body worn camera system that not only meets but exceeds all requirements for our department. The other selling point was the outstanding support and customer service. They’re always prompt and courteous. I highly recommend this system for any agency looking for cutting-edge quality and ease of use by its officers.”

David Smith, Marshal – Red River Marshal’s Office

“I am glad to say that I am completely satisfied with the body worn video cameras we have recently purchased from VisioLogix. The cameras are incredibly easy to use and have great video & audio quality. They are affordable, even on a small budget and the customer service is top notch.”

Justin N. Collom – Chief of Police, Tuckerman Police Department