Free Evidence Management Cloud Services Registration

VisioLogix is offering US Law Enforcement agencies full use of our comprehensive evidence management system for FREE with absolutely NO time restrictions or commitments. VisioLogix is providing agencies with 10TB of free cloud storage at no cost.

There are no commitment terms or limited features when you sign up for this FREE service. Unlike other offers that limit service to 12 months we provide the service to you as long as you wish to use it.


  • Free use of Hydra, our comprehensive Evidence Management System (EMS) Enterprise Edition
  • Free storage up to 10TB (10,000 Gigabyte)
  • Free Support via web, email and phone
  • Free access to our training videos
  • Free in-the-field review software for your MDT/MDC (Windows®)
  • Free file uploads from your tablet or smartphone without installing any applications
  • Free tools to automate data upload of 3rd party media source
  • No camera manufacturer restrictions – Use your existing body-worn cameras or upgrade to our latest body-worn camera technology by contacting us or one of our distributors or partners.

The VisioLogix Advanced Cloud Ecosystem (ACE) provides options to manage digital evidence from numerous sources such as body-worn cameras, in-car DVR, interview rooms, etc. ACE minimizes deployment costs, eliminates internal network performance and growth issues by providing all the advantages of having the latest equipment and infrastructure services without the headaches and mystery costs associated with running an EMS solution.

The VisioLogix Advanced Cloud Ecosystem takes Cloud services to the next level by creating a complete heterogeneous repository of data from multiple sources and not just body-worn cameras. Call us at 713-590-4539 or fill out the form below

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